For those ultra keen athletes and budding triathlon competitors we will take a look at the Polar V800. This watch offers so many functions that you are taking on a friend and personal trainer that will benefit you in so many ways.

It is your 24/7 companion

We will list out a whole host of benefits you will get from this ultra-versatile unit and pause every now and then to go into why some of the benefits are so important.

It will measure every training session as well as your 24/7 daily activity. By doing so it helps you to understand your training load, but just as importantly your recovery needs.

Recovery needs

We all want to train and compete as much as we possibly can. It is understandable that you are keen to simply get out there and ‘go for it’ BUT please never under-estimate the importance of recovery times.

When you are training and building muscle you are also increasing strength and stamina, but you simply cannot afford to ignore the fact that your body needs sufficient rest. By resting your body and muscles you are giving them time to recover and prosper.

It is during these rest periods and your good quality, regular sleep patterns that your muscles repair, rebuild and grow. This means that balancing your workout and diet with sufficient rest periods is an absolute must.

GPS Functionality

When you read the Polar V800 review articles this is one of the many points which are highly praised. You will effortlessly track your speed, distance and route with the integrated GPS function.

It is important to remember that you will be able to use this information as often as you wish when looking back at performances, and then looking forward as to how you will improve things during your next training sessions and competition schedule.

Sports Profiles – Fully Customizable

You can customize different sports profiles to ensure you are getting the most from your training. You will fully understand how vital this is if you are into triathlon training. You want your strongest discipline to get stronger and the weakest to play catch up on a very regular basis.

Triathlon training

As we have just mentioned it lets continue on this tack and take a look at some of the Polar V800 GPS triathlon sports watch features that offer comprehensive support during your punishing training sessions.

The multisport training function gives you excellent statistics with full transition times. You can check your heart rate even when you are in the water. This is all done via a comfortable dual-mode transmitter.

The V800 is waterproof to 30 metres (100 foot), and the unit allows you to plan as well as analyse your training methodology with the free Polar Flow application and web services.

Another advantage is in terms of your running and cycling training. You will have the advantage of the smart running and cycling sensors which are Bluetooth compatible to record and take relevant data.

A device which is packed with functionality as well as superb external support

The Polar V800 is packed with power and functionality and really is the ultimate in terms of assisting you achieve those targets and then surpassing them. This functionality is then enhanced by the Polar Flow web and mobile application you will have access to.

Here is a quick overview of what these services offer:

Polar Flow – Polar Web services

This will help you create sports profiles and tailored views to help analyse your different sporting disciplines. It will offer information on the balance required between training and resting with the Training Load and Recovery option, and it will help you to plan and analyse every single detail of your training.

This will help you to learn and understand far more about your performance and where you need to improve it.

Polar Flow – Flow Mobile Application

This application allows easy synchronization with the companies Bluetooth facility. You will get such things as a quick visual overview of your training and be able to quickly analyse your performance. It will also follow your activity 24/7 and help you understand important information such as how much and how well you are sleeping.


In terms of the Polar V800 price you really are getting a massive amount of technology, functionality and on-line services included in an extremely competitive pricing package. The invaluable information you will gain and store makes this unit the most effective multisports ‘computer’ on the market.

Endless features – unbelievable benefits

The thing is with the V800 it offers so much that you really are spoilt for choice. Let’s just go through a few of the features you will benefit from:

The recovery status function offered is invaluable in terms of finding the correct balance between training and rest. When it is time to train you will benefit from the motivating feedback the unit offers. This will be available immediately after each specific exercise routine is complete.

The Orthostatic Test option helps you to optimize your training based on your current condition. Keep checking, keep improving! The Fitness Test function will help you do this because it tells you exactly how your fitness is developing.

The Training Load indicator shows you just how your training is affecting your body, and then there is The Running Index which shows you just how your running performance is developing, and you don’t need to count those calories burned. The Smart Calories counter will tell you exactly how many you have burned.

If you choose the Polar V800 GPS sports watch heart rate monitor model you will also be getting comprehensive statistics on exactly how your heart rate responds.

This will monitor your heart rate according to the individual sporting disciplines you are undertaking and the conditions you are training and competing in.

Serious about your sporting prowess?

If you are serious about your performances and seriously want to improve them then you need help. The help offered by this multisports computer which fits snugly onto your wrist is the best you will find.

The Polar V800 will be your personal trainer, it will be your best friend during training and competitions, and it is also willing to spend the night with you so that in the morning it can tell you just how well you slept!