Activity trackersIf you are intent on finding out exactly what you have been doing with your body on a daily basis then the range of new activity trackers will be right up your street. You may also hear them referred to as body measurement trackers, but whatever you call them they are ready to give you a few home truths!

Make sure you have them paired

This doesn’t mean you are being scrutinized twice or competing against your loved ones (but you can easily do the latter!).

What this pairing offers is companion tracker software or a mobile application so you can upload and store those good (and bad) habits on an electronic device such as your laptop or mobile phone. Some of the better versions offer total wireless connectivity and we will discuss one such make later.

Most still measure how far you walk, but they certainly don’t stop there

The majority of the latest trackers still measure how far you walk so don’t forget to keep those legs stretched regularly. They will even measure the tally of miles you travel, and show on a daily basis the exact amount of physical activity you are getting along with the calories you are burning.

Lots of them also collect data for you during your sleep and we will touch on that later, but if you really want full analysis of what you are getting up to look at the ones which will synchronise with heart monitors and other device such as the latest ‘smart’ bathroom scale.

It is horses for courses

The most frequent question asked is undoubtedly; which are the best activity trackers? And the honest answer is that it really depends upon what you want out of them. You can get everything from the basics right the way through to sports specific information and real-time information on demographics.

Sport analysers

If you are into your sporting activities and wish to get distinct information on your movements in terms of swimming, running or cycling for example, this information will be given in terms of the distances you are covering, the calories you are burning and the rate at which you are achieving these things.

When it comes to helping you on the sporting front you can measure heart rate and fatigue before you start your exercise regimen. This will then provide you with the information on how ready your body is.

Wireless trackers

The Fitbit zip wireless activity trackers features are an excellent example of what can be achieved with one of the ultra-modern devices now available. Let’s look at some of the different areas you will benefit from when you use this tracker.


This is basic but vital information. You can track your everyday activities such as the steps you take, the distance you have walked, the stairs climbed (so leave those lifts and escalators alone!), the calories used and how many minutes of the day you have been active.


We all know how important it is to eat a well-balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. With this range of activity trackers you can log the food you are eating with Fitbit’s online tools or their mobile application, and it will return the favour BIG TIME by giving you a far more complete view and in-depth information on exactly what you are eating. Here’s how:

Fantastic food tools

Here are some of the mind-boggling things you can achieve:

Barcode scanner

You can use your smartphone to scan the barcodes on foods and you will instantly capture the complete nutritional information.

A food database that just keeps on growing

You have a choice of over 350,000 foods and counting from Fitbit’s incredible database. This includes grocery brands and restaurant items.

In a hurry? – Use the ‘Meal Shortcuts’ facility

You can log foods fast with meal shortcuts which automatically suggest foods you can pair together.

Your own personal calorie coach

You can use this function with your Fitbit tracker to compare the calories you consume and the calories you expend.


The one many of us dread tackling! With the Aria WI-FI set of scales you will be able to stay fully connected with your weight. It will offer such information as your body mass index (BMI) and the percentage of body fat you are carrying. This will help you make improvements where needed.


The fitbit wireless activity sleep tracker black blue colour option will do you the power of good because it continues working while you get the rest you deserve. As long as you wear it at night it will measure your sleep quality.

Your dashboard will reveal how long you have slept and the number of times you woke up. This will help by teaching you how to sleep more soundly. It also has a silent wake alarm which gently vibrates to wake you up at the time you have set.

This thoughtful alarm won’t wake your partner, so you can let them sleep on and compare sleep results later in the day.

You can synchronise wirelessly and automatically to more devices

Before we look at sleep trackers and where to buy them let’s understand just how easy it is to keep up to date with all of the information you are receiving.

All of the Fibtbit products continuously synchronise these statistics to your computer and your smartphone. You will get real-time access to your progress as well as reminders on the important thing you need to do. All of this is possible without having to plug in anywhere.

Where can you buy these wonderfully efficient devices?

This is another joy. They are available and include sleep trackers from many quality retailers on your high street, as well as direct from the company website. The on-line purchase direct from the company is an excellent place to start your search for a wirelessly healthier life.

The reason for saying this is that you will benefit from the knowledgeable customer service staff and the special offers and packages that the company put together on these multi-functioning activity trackers.